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I just want a nice body, dylan klebold, and a good job.

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msdylanklebold asked: 13, 14, 37, 44

13:Biggest turn ons : long hair

14:Biggest turn offs : bronies.

37:One of my insecurities : visible scars 

44:A random fact about anything : camels have three eyelids to protect themselves from blowing sand 

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I highly recommend In the Mind of a Rampage Killer on netflix. It’s really informative and focuses on Andy Williams and Dylan Klebold.

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Wanna be's your chance.

  • 0: Height
  • 1: Virgin?
  • 2: Shoe size
  • 3: Do you smoke?
  • 4: Do you drink?
  • 5: Do you take drugs?
  • 6: Age you get mistaken for
  • 7: Have tattoos?
  • 8: Want any tattoos?
  • 9: Got any piercings?
  • 10: Want any piercings?
  • 11: Best friend?
  • 12: Relationship status
  • 13: Biggest turn ons
  • 14: Biggest turn offs
  • 15: Favorite movie
  • 16: I’ll love you if
  • 17: Someone you miss
  • 18: Most traumatic experience
  • 19: A fact about your personality
  • 20: What I hate most about myself
  • 21: What I love most about myself
  • 22: What I want to be when I get older
  • 23: My relationship with my sibling(s)
  • 24: My relationship with my parent(s)
  • 25: My idea of a perfect date
  • 26: My biggest pet peeves
  • 27: A description of the girl/boy I like
  • 28: A description of the person I dislike the most
  • 29: A reason I’ve lied to a friend
  • 30: What I hate the most about work/school
  • 31: What your last text message says
  • 32: What words upset me the most
  • 33: What words make me feel the best about myself
  • 34: What I find attractive in women
  • 35: What I find attractive in men
  • 36: Where I would like to live
  • 37: One of my insecurities
  • 38: My childhood career choice
  • 39: My favorite ice cream flavor
  • 40: Who I wish I could be
  • 41: Where I want to be right now
  • 42: The last thing I ate
  • 43: Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately
  • 44: A random fact about anything
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I know we’ve done this with age before but I wanna know where you guys are from, so reblog and add where you live!

Florida! c:

We’re gonna be neighbors! :D

Virginia, w0w


PEI, Canada

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The Mauerova Family:

The Mauerova’s are a family of cult members and cannibals from the Czech Republic. Klara (the “loving” mother) and Katerina (the “doting” auntie) and other family members belonged to a bizarre cult, the Grail Movement. This was not good news for Ondrej and Jakub (Klara’s children). These two boys were designated to become slaves to the cult and their wills had to be broken. 

Over an 8 month period, relatives and fellow cult members participated in despicable acts against two brothers. The actual details of what a mother allowed to be done to her young children are extremely disturbing. Cigarettes were stubbed out on the boys’ flesh. Belts were used to whip them. The boys were almost drowned. They were sexually abused. They were kept in cages or handcuffed to tables for long periods. They were forced to stand in their own urine for days on end. The boys were also forced to cut themselves with knives. Forced to by their own relatives! 

Ondrej, was subjected to even worse torture. He was chained and locked up in the cellar for six months, gagged to stop his screaming. And Ondrej had good reason to scream. Klara and Katerina actually skinned one of his arms. The raw flesh was forced down Ondrej’s throat and some of the family members feasted on it too.

By a remarkable chain of events, the truth about the Mauerova family was discovered on May 10, 2007 when horrific images on a baby monitor (which they had installed in their house to view the crimes) were picked up by a neighbour who had the exact same monitor. Instead of seeing their own child softly sleeping away, they saw an image of a naked, bound and gagged young boy. The horrified owner of the new baby monitor immediately called the police, having recognized the boy as being his neighbour’s son Ondrej.

A total of six people were eventually convicted.

Source: Here.

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The Navy Seal that killed Osama Bin Laden… his reaction before shooting and killing him…

" He look confused. And way taller than I was expecting,” the shooter told Esquire. “For me, it was a snapshot of a target ID, definitely him. Even in our kill houses where we train, there are targets with his face on them. This was repetition and muscle memory. That’s him, boom, done.”

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"All people I ever might have loved have abandoned me" - Dylan Klebold

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