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A drawing by Lawrence Bittaker of himself sitting in his cell at San Quentin State Prison.Lawrence Sigmund Bittaker and Roy Norris were a duo known as The Tool Box Killers who kidnapped, tortured, and raped 5 victims.

Bittaker earned himself the nickname "Pliers."  He is said to have a genius I.Q.

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Columbine gunmen associates, 1


Devon Adams


  • Devon Adams was aware of Eric and Dylan making bombs and she knew that Eric named his first bomb ”Anasazi” and the second one was named ”Paizze”. Eric and Dylan were into fireworks and they went out at night time, blowing things up or lauching tons of fireworks. This is what they called ”Rebel Missions.”
  • She stated she had been very close to Dylan through out high school, but she distanced herself from Eric since the freshman year.
  • She said Eric liked to dress like a commando most of the time like Chris Morris while Dylan appeared dressing normal to her: he wore T-shirts and Jeans.
  • Eric and Dylan could quote all the lines from the movie ‘Natural Born Killers”.
  • She felt that Dylan was a follower and Eric was the leader. 
  • Dylan had visited her house several times.
  • On April 20, 1999 as she was leaving the school and heard a bomb go off, she was sure that Eric was involved.

Robyn Anderson


  • She was friends with both of them for 3 years and she was closer to Dylan Klebold, but they never dated. She went to the prom with Dylan only as friends. Eric and Dylan parked next to each other with Zach Heckler also parking next to them.
  • She met them through Chris Morris.
  • Eric and Dylan were closer to each other than to the rest of the Trenchcoat Mafia members.
  • Eric wore a ball cap with the letters ”KMFDM” on it that stoof for a band. Dylan wore and Avalance cap and Chris Morris wore a beret.
  • She was to Eric Harris’ house 1-2 times either dropping him off after bowling or picking him up. She was in his house one time but she never was in his bedroom.
  • She was to Dylan’s house several times, she did not play video games, she sometimes helped Dylan with the math’ homework.
  • She stated that in December 1998 they called her and asked her if she would accompany them to a gun show which she stated was being held at the Denver Convention Center. She stated she did accompany them at which time they purchased each a shotgun with Eric also purchasing some type of automatic rifle.
  • She asked them that they were not going to shoot someone and they replied they were not stupid to do that. They bought the guns from private dealers. She thought they were going in the forest hunting.
  • She stated she would go bowling on Friday nights with them.
  • She described Dylan as a rough guy at first glance but he had a warm hear. He did things for her that he normally would not do, for instance: going to the prom with her. He was smart but he did not apply himself.
  • She described Eric Harris as a very funny person with a unique personality. He did not know what he wanted to do with his life. He was never mean around her. She knew that Eric had dated several girls, but nothing serious. He did not go to the prom but he attended the after prom at Columbine High School. He was spending time with Dylan and Chris Morris gambling.
  • Dylan was making fun of the Calculus teacher because of his high pitched voice. He slept in class several times.
  • Dylan seemed to get along with his parents. She stated that Eric got along with his parents if they left him alone. Eric’s parents were very conservative.

Brooks Brown


  • He had known Eric Harris for 4 years and was friends with him 2 years. He had Eric in his 3rd and 4th hour classes. 
  • On April 20, he went outside to have a cigarette. Brooks was at the main entrance near the cafeteria. Eric drove up his car and exited it, he was alone and was carrying a light blue gym bag. Brooks told Eric ”you missed the test” which Eric replied ”it does not matter anymore” He also told Brooks : ”Brooks, I like you get out of here”
  • Brooks described Eric as an army cadet.
  • In previous conversations with Eric, Eric talked about turning 19 and going to buy a gun. Eric was obsessed with buying guns. In the previous 2 years, Eric went psycho and acting so crazy, that Brooks cut off his friendship with him. Eric paint-balled his window garage, urinated on his bushes, broke his windshield etc.
  • Brooks was very good friend with Dylan, had known him since elementary school.

Kelli Brown

  • Robyn Anderson told her that she had done Dylan and Eric a favor.
  • She stated that Dylan and Robyn were very close.
  • She described Dylan as very quiet and shy unless he knew you, he was fairly pleasant.
  • She was at the prom with Dylan and Robyn. She, Dylan, Robyn and her date Fike had been to her house that evening. Dylan seemed happy at the prom and even danced with Robyn(very uncharacteristic for him). Over the last month or so Dylan had become more and more withdrawn.
  • Dylan was very much against ”jocks” but Eric was much more prejudiceful. He was very hateful and could be more so tot hose he did not known. She sometimes thought Eric as ”Hitler.” 
  • She observed that Eric and Dylan using German phrases in the school, but figured that they were just quoting lyrics to songs they listened to.
  • They both wore dusters. They were computer hackers and always playing the games ‘DOOM” and ”Quake” over the internet.
  • She did not know about their bombs/weapons, but did know of pop cans that had been shot with BB guns, which every young has and does.

Nate Dykeman


  • - Good friends with Eric and Dylan.
  • - Chris Morris particulary liked Eric very much
  • - He(Nate Dykeman), Eric, Dylan and Chris were close friends.
  • - He became friends with Eric and Dylan when he moved to Colorado in 8th grade. He spent good time at their houses, and Eric and Dylan had spent time at his house also.
  • - He stated that Dylan’s parents were like a second set of parents to kim.
  • - He had distanced himself from Eric and Dylan because he then had a girlfriend, Kristi Epling and he dedicated most of his time to her.
  • - For the last several weeks before shooting, Eric and Dylan had been acting differently. They cut classes and slept in class. They became more secretive.
  • - He knew about Eric and Dylan fascination with fireworks/pipe bombs. He saw them blowing things up.
  • - He saw pipe bombs at Eric’s house, when Eric took him into his parents bedroom closet and showed him a pipe bomb which his parents had confiscated from him.
  • - He knew about the January incident and other crimes that Eric and Dylan had committed.
  • - He believed that Eric was frustrated because he could not find a date for the prom. He and several friends tried to find Eric a date but they were unsuccessful. Eric had girlfriends in the past and he knew how to deal with women and relationships. Dylan was pretty shy around girls, and he had rather female friends than girlfriends.
  • - Nate knew that Eric was treated for an unknown mental-illness.

Zachary Heckler


  • He generally talked to Dylan on the phone and had called him the night of 4/19/99. He noted the first time he had called, Dylan had been talking to someone else on the other line, and had asked Zach to call back later. He called back at 22:30 at which time Dylan had said he was tired and was going to sleep.He thought this was odd. They usually had casual conservations: school, games etc.
  • He had distanced himself from Eric approximately 1 1/2 years ago when he had got into trouble at school for hacking into the school computer and obtaining locker combinations of other students. Eric was involved in this incident, and as a result, his father had restricted them from being together
  • He noted being good friends with Eric and Dylan since at least the 8th grade. They often did things together, and admitted that aproximately 2 years ago since Columbine, he had accompanied Eric and Dylan as they drove around Eric’s neughborhood and threw firecrackers in front of the house of people Eric did not like.
  • Eric and Dylan were very racist.
  • Dylan was quiet, wanted to go to college to study computer science.
  • Eric was racist, feeling superior to other people, and being frustrated with problems he was having home. Eric’s parents were very strict and did not approve of many things he was doinng. Eric had changed his manner of dress and the type of music he listened to in the summer of 1998. Rammstein was his favorite band. Eric did not have a steady girlfriend.
  • Zach bowled with Eric and Dylan on Friday nights with Monica Shuster and Robyn Anderson.
  • He had been told by Eric that his father found a pipe bomb he had made it, and he(Eric) and his father had gone out and ignited the device.

(source: all the information was taken from the Columbine Reports, more specifically 99-7625)

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They’d gunned down Rachel. They’d gunned down Danny. Then they’d blown their brains out right in the fucking library.
No one could have explained it. No one could have known.
- Brooks Brown, No Easy Answers
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          Killer Kids:

  • Alyssa Bustamante
  • TJ Lane
  • Kip Kinkle
  • Bobby Gladden
  • Dylan Klebold
  • Eric Harris
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Edmund Kemper looks captivated…


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The shotgun shells used in the shooting


Dylan used these:

Eric used these:

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on a scale from Dylan Klebold to TJ Lane how confident are you? 

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Eric Harris and his mood/anger problems




  • According to a classmate, ”Eric got mad easier than other people”. He got angry/mad at slightest thing. Susan’s mom says in the Columbine reports that he changed his tone in voice/got mad when she told her that Susan was not home to receive his phone call. 
  • Eric lost his temper and patience  at work with customers on the phone(Columbine reports: 10,149-10,157)
  • Eric did not like to be crossed. He did not like to be refused/rejected. If he felt crossed or rejected, he held grudges. Judy Browns said ”Eric held grudges and never let them go”. Once you crossed a major line with him, he would have played a revenge on you. After the falling out with Brooks and Nick, Eric vandalized their homes.
  • A classmate said that Eric ”sort of changed and he would not say why. He just gave you a look like he could kill you.” Eric had a falling out with Zach also whose mom stated :”You either followed him or got away from him”.(source: Fatal Friendship).
  • Eric was very aware of his anger problems. He mentioned them in his diversion file, he mentioned them in an essay about ”25 different things about me- anger management problems”. In his diversion files, he stated ”short-tempered, often get angry at almost anything I don’t like , like people trying to tell me what do to(…).”
  • He wrote in an essay about the similarities between him and Zeus :”I also get angry easily and punish people in unusual ways”.
  • His parents were also aware of his anger problems. One of his parents stated :”Eric seems to supress his anger then blow up or lash out verbally”.
  • Eric even got all defensive when a girl tried to joke with him and asked if KMFDM(his favourite band) is a station and he became irritated and said”you just wait and see”.
  • After Brandi said that she would not go to the prom with him, Eric was so upset that he would not even look at her and turned his head when she entered the class.
  • Eric was furious that Brooks told Mr. Harris Eric had liqour in his room.
  • Eric was very easily irritated and vulnerable. He became very moody, from my personal view, many times on minor things. He took everything personally and as he said :”I don’t forget people who wronged me.” 
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”Susan wasn’t a big fan of Eric Harris. ”I think there was just probably: you know how you have a little gut feeling like, ”Well, I wish Dylan would kind of pick another friend, you know, this one is a little complicated,” Dee Grant says. Yet while Susan felt she could not keep two kids apart at that age, she figured Dylan’s going off to college would break that bond.
After the killings, Dee said Susan flagged Dylan’s computer marathons as a warning sign. But she had hesitated to cut him off. (…)
Susan was flummoxed by testimony that Eric and Dylan were prejudiced.
”Dee, we are not prejudiced,” Susan said. ”I am Jewish. You know? We don’t teach prejudice.
Of reports that the two brandished Nazi slongans, Susan said, ”Dee, that’s ridiculous.’'(Columbine: A True Crime Story, Jeff Kass)

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